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As we touch down...we are guided by our bellies and we head for some good Jamaican food at SWEET WOOD!!  This place is really rustic and laid back; felt like we were having a meal in the back yard with the family.  We had the traditional jerk pork and jerk chicken with festival which were exellent, but my favorite by far was the fish!!! I had it steamed with okra, potatoes and light veggies.  Absolutely bursting with flavor.  
 "Ah jumping up and down on de road like a jumbie. Cuz I cyah stop say I cyah stop," is in a nutshell how I live carnival. From Guadeloupe, where I grew up, to Toronto, Miami, Jamaica, Trinidad, Berlin and Paris, I noticed from an early age that this celebration unites cultures regardless of languages, ages and nationalities. As a journalist and producer, my goal is to travel and experience the carnivals around the world and experience the diverse cultures by meeting people and celebrate all together. From the music to the costumes and traditions behind carnival, it is an experience of a lifetime worth sharing with the world.  To find out more about my adventures... 

Carnival Addicts


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"In my blood, in my veins, can't wash it off I'm forever stained"...that's how I feel about CARNIVAL. The colors, the creative costumes, the music, the dancing, the PEOPLE ...Carnival is a  celebration of LIFE!!!  This beautiful piece of my culture is one that I have enjoyed for as long as I can remember, from "kiddies carnival" as a child to "Big people mas" it is a time where people of all walks come together and nothing else matters but having a good time with old and new we come!!!!!
Carnival has been a part of my life from early childhood.  Growing up in Canada every year I followed my parents to Caribana and marveled at all the happy people in beautiful colorful costumes.  The music made you feel alive and you could not help but move (wine) to the beat of the "sweet soca".  Today I am still in love with all that is carnival, every year, every country, it's a new experience, lasting friendships developed and memories to last a lifetime.  
Our trip to Kingston was not going to be complete without a visit to Hellshire Beach, St. Catherine.  Wanted to have a little salt water and the day was perfect for it. We left the Sunrise Breakfast fete, grabbed our swim suits and headed for the beach.  Screechies was recommended for a good vibe and great food.  We were not disappointed.  We picked our fish and our lobster enjoyed some cold beverages as we waited for it to be fried and steamed on the spot.  We could not ask for a better mix of sun, fun, great food and good vibes!!!
So it was finally here...ROAD MARCH!!! Months of working out ...ok, maybe it was a crash diet a week before (not advised) we were ready to get on the road in all our splender.  We stepped out of the car and our feathers were blowing in the wind, and we were grateful for the breeze.  We immediately joined the band and it was excitement on arrival.  The music (and drink) trucks we moving along Old Hope Road and people were full of energy, masqueraders and spectators alike.  It was hot, but with the wind in our faces, the soca blasting, the drinks flowing, all we cared about was having a grand time.  Hands in the sky, wineing our waists, singing "Cheers to Life, put your problems dem to the side, cuz it's a blessing to be alive, hug up a stranger now start to wine"  We stopped for lunch and depending on your section you had a plethora of options, from chinese to Bar-B-Q, Indian to Italian, you name it and it was available.  We used the next hour or so to eat, freshen up and rest up for the second part of the day.  I even had a massage.  We left the lunch park ready for part 2, it was hot but the breeze was still there.  After a few hours the eurphoria continued as we chipped through the streets.  We looked up to see a slightly overcast sky and before you knew it, here came the rain to cool things down.  It was amazing!!  The rain seemed to give us more life rather than slow us down.  We continued to make our way through the streets and we picked up non masqueraders following the band along with us.  We made our way into the mas camp for dinner and last lap.  JAMAICA carnival is small but has BIG VIBES...The Addicts will be back!


Our kickoff fete was Jouvert..."Start d carniva!"  We enter the mas camp and the venue was at capacity, sweet soca music playing and we couldn't help but feed off the energy exploding into the night's sky.  We were in the VIP section so it meant food (again) and drinks would be included and we had a lot of both to choose from.  Kes came on stage and the crowd went wild, we were all happy to be "feteing with meh people" ...Then...THE PAINT!!
Red, blue, green, yellow paint started flying and we were soon covered with it, we were having a blast.  We then started moving towards the street, with music trucks and more "beverages".  We paraded thru the streets of New Kingston, enjoying the music, chipping with our new friends and having a time!

Above is BEFORE...Below is AFTER

So I know you are probably thinking...when did we sleep...but that was something to worry about after carnival.  We had to get our energy from soca!  We left the streets of Jouvert to attempt to wash off all remnants of the early morning paint-some of us more successful than others.  We were able to change (some of us got a nap while others just went without) and make it to Sunrise Breakfast fete which was in full effect when we got there.  Now this was a breakfast fete so there was food everywhere, chinese, indian, american and of course some good Jamaican including ackee and saltfish.  We ate first (as you need to soak up the alcohol) and made our way near the stage.  Machel Montano, Kes, Voice and Lyrical were just some of the artistes that performed, they had the crowd jumping, waving and giving cheers to life! 
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I am an army brat born to Domincan parents, I've lived in many places and experienced different cultures.  NOTHING compares to the feeling you get when you "touch down" to start your carnival journey...for the next week, give or take a few days, you will be in immersed in the positive energy and vibes that makes this such an amazing expression of love for life and an appreciation for all that is happy and RIGHT with the world.  Grab a cup, meet a new friend or two or 3 or 20, hold on and be prepared to have the time of your LIFE!!!!

Keep Up Wid D Lime...

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